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One Way Trip – first single from Orisha Sound album “Fire N Ice”.
Video directed by Ras Kassa and shot in Kingston and other locations in Jamaica

1. Bullets Dancing in the Dark 3:44
2. Fire and Ice 3:14
3. Flare 3:02
4. Bring the Fire 3:31
5. Break the Ice 3:09
6. Rebel 3:19
7. Around the World 2:52
8. One Way Trip 3:51
9. Put it on on me 3:22
10. Wine Suh 3:47
11. Love Will Save The Day 3:06
12. Take the Place Ova 3:19


Jamaica - Russia collaboration. Orisha Sound and Oleg Gazmanov interview at the State Kremlin Palace after performing brand new song “Jamaica”. In March Russia and Jamaica celebrating 45 years of diplomatic relation. @mfa_russia @RussiaJamaica @OlegGazmanov @Babsy_grange

Watch Premiere on youtube in one and a half hour! Orisha Sound and Oleg Gazmanov live in Kremlin State Palace, Moscow https://t.co/eAoGuFfk3C via @YouTube #orishasound #gazmanov #jamaica

Watch the Jamaican-Russian reggae duo Orisha Sound (@orishasound) performing their song “Reggae-reggae” together with leading Russian singer @OlegGazmanov at the State Kremlin Palace, Moscow, on 02.02.2020.


Hon @Babsy_grange opens reggae month in #Jamaica.👏 Congratulations to @orishasound for starting #reggaemonth is such an outernational way, performing at the #Kremlin #Moscow #Russia #reggae to di world! 🏆🇷🇺🇯🇲🔥💥

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